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Hey, there! I'm D'Aunoy (don-wah), but I just go by Doni (doe-knee).

I was born in New Orleans and just three months later moved to Auckland, New Zealand. After ten years of life there, I moved back to New Orleans, where I finished high school; and later attended Louisiana State University. There, I completed my BFA in ceramics in 2015. 

After graduation, I made the journey back again to New Zealand, where I worked full time in administration and event coordination for just over three years. During that time, I found that art and a life of creating art was my true passion.

In all of my artworks, exploring new textures is my main driving force. Making art that people want to touch is a goal. Following a close second to texture is colour. I hope that the bright & fun colours of my pieces help bring joy and colour into the lives of the viewers. 

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